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Amla Achaar - Gooseberry Pickle

Amla Achaar - Gooseberry Pickle

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Pickles have always been a part and parcel of our lives. The simultaneous amalgamation of sweet, spice and sour flavours on one’s palate is every Indian foodie’s delight. Pickles are made with oil, salt and sugar content along with other hot spices.Adding one or two dollops of pickle to every meal should do to add taste to your dish. On the other hand, it is important for the elderly to skip consuming pickle twice in the day as it contain acids which might not be healthy.Here are some health benefits of pickles.

Health benefits of pickles are:

1.Good During Pregnancy: Almost every pregnant woman craves for spicy food and one of them being pickles. Mango and lemon are two types of aachar which prevents morning sickness.

2.Aids In Weight Loss: Pickles aid in rapid weight loss since they contain few calories. Due to the presence of spice it also helps to break fats easily.

3.Rich In Antioxidants: Pickles are rich in antioxidants which protect the body against free radicals. It is important to add this spice to your meal.

4.Good For Diabetics Too: According to few sources, pickles in small measure is good for diabetics. Once in a week it is safe to enjoy this humble treat, not otherwise. FYI: Only opt for amla pickles.

5.Nutritional Value Is High: No heat is involved in the production of traditionally fermented pickles which is why it helps to preserve the nutrients in the vegetables thereby being a health benefit.

6.Rich In Vitamin K: Pickles are also high in vitamin K. This vitamin is good in clotting of blood especially after an injury. This is one of the best health benefits of aachar.

7.Boosts One’s Metabolism: The vinegar used for curing aachar can increase the body’s metabolism. So, if your metabolism is low add pickles to your diet.

8.High In Fibre: The fruit and vegetables which is added to achar are also good sources of dietary fibre as well as vitamins A and C. This is another health benefit of aachar.

9.Improve Digestion: Amla pickle improves digestion, so it is safe and best to add this pickle to your meal if you suffer from digestion problems.

10.Protects Thy Liver: One of the health benefits of amla or gooseberry pickle is it heals and protects the liver due to it hepatoprotective properties.

11.Reduces Ulcers: Regular consumption of amla or Indian gooseberry pickles also help in reducing ulcers. Benefit from this healthy treat.

12.People who to avoid pickles: Old people who are suffering from stroke, heart diseases and hypertension should avoid pickles as the salt in the chutney will increase the medical issue.

These are the health benefits of pickles.

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Dates are really tasty and looks very fresh quantity and quality both
are perfect and really delicious 😋 must recommend and ramzan gift

" Muhammad Haroon "

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    delivered on time in good condition
    thank You. "

  • Zunair Illyas

    " Look good. I tasted it first time... two points.. one they a little bit hard, secondly seem very sweet... but overall good.. "

  • Faizan Ali

    " Best quality dates received today 💯 satisfied thanks seller and Thefamilyshop
    for delivering perfect quality keep it up happy shopping. "

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    " Mashaallah mashaallah boht boht achi hai bhut hi ziada tasty jazakallah "