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Walnut Kernel (Akhrot Giri)

Walnut Kernel (Akhrot Giri)

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Walnut kernel

Walnut Kernels are the edible, wrinkled, brown-colored nuts, enclosed in a brown seed coat. They are obtained from the walnut trees, belonging to the Juglandaceae family, in the genus, Juglan. The kernels have two bumpy lobes that look like abstract butterflies.
Soaking the walnuts overnight and then consuming them in the morning is one of the best ways to consume walnuts. To do this, take 2-4 pieces of walnuts and soak them in a cup of water overnight. Have them the first thing next morning. Having soaked walnuts helps in reducing the bad cholesterol in the body.
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Dates are really tasty and looks very fresh quantity and quality both
are perfect and really delicious πŸ˜‹ must recommend and ramzan gift

" Muhammad Haroon "

  • Akbar Ahmad

    " So delicious, soon will order it again πŸ‘for Ramadan inshaAllah
    delivered on time in good condition
    thank You. "

  • Zunair Illyas

    " Look good. I tasted it first time... two points.. one they a little bit hard, secondly seem very sweet... but overall good.. "

  • Faizan Ali

    " Best quality dates received today πŸ’― satisfied thanks seller and Thefamilyshop
    for delivering perfect quality keep it up happy shopping. "

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    " Mashaallah mashaallah boht boht achi hai bhut hi ziada tasty jazakallah "